Boys and Girls



I have a son and a daughter

A boy, a girl

A him, a her.


He’s all cricket, rugby and bruises

Ink-stained shirt

And a name badge he loses.


She is earrings and hair and a touch of make-up

Organised and neat

With surprising small feet.


And yet, he’s the one who helps in the home

Makes tea every morning

Or tries to fold clothes.


And she is the one who understands stars

Or questions the way it all works

Probing and seeking and bright.


Is he any less?

Or she any more?

A box to be ticked

A label without shape?

Each is fully himself, herself

Varied and coloured

Nuanced and hued

Exactly the way it should be!

Sonnet to the Sea



Beyond this door eyes are drawn in wonder

To gaze, drink in, the deepest ocean blue

Rhythmic rise, crushing fall, liquid thunder

This heart with drowning soundscape to imbue.

High above a stringless kite flicks her tail

Swoops and loops, dances to a melody

None but she can summonforth, hear or hale

Freedom soars with joyful dexterity.

Return attention to wat’ry playground

Sleak-skinned dolphins rival theme park’s display

While the splash of wardrobe-whale does resound

Fountain foam my focus to waylay.

Would that I could with similar pleasure

Traverse this life aware of its treasure.