Collins Rhyming Dictionary


Yay, it’s time to rhyme,

she cried, as reaching for her trusty tome

she set herself to write a po’m.


Where to start whilst sounding smart

What to write and hence impart

To my faithful counterpart?


Begin with ‘ay’, progress to ‘zed’

Just enter the fray, where it can’t be unsaid.


So, ‘A’ is for apple and ‘B’ is for babble

‘C’ gives us camel whilst ‘D’ offers dabble

and ‘E’ is entangled in the fractal of ‘F’.

‘G’ is the gamble but ‘H’? Time to haggle.

The ‘I’ offered here is quite insubstantial

while ‘J’ sneaks right in like ‘The Day of the Jackal’.

‘K’ could be ‘kackle’ if ‘L’ keeps us lateral

but by ‘M’ it’s becoming a tangle.

‘N’, for some reason, welcomes Nathaniel.

And ‘O’ doesn’t work, it’s far too orig’nal

whereas ‘P’ gives permission to prattle.

‘Q’ has the grace of a perfect quadrangle

which for ‘R’ does seemingly rankle.

‘S’, is of course, away playing Scrabble

but poor ‘T’ gets caught in a terrible tangle.

‘U’ will unscramble for ‘V’, its own vassal

making ‘W’ wrangle with ‘X’ for the axle.

Leaving ‘Z’ till the end with a big razzle-dazzle!

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